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Sponsorship Opportunities

FLYE has no desire to do all of this alone. We see ourselves as a vehicle that can hold unlimited passengers on this journey to revolutionize youth sports.  As we curate partnerships with aligned youth sports teams and leagues, the overall community impact will be far more reaching. Involving local business owners allows for brand awareness and expansion through our entrepreneurial initiatives such as youth business pitch competitions, and local tournaments. Partnering with public sector leaders turns youth sports activities into pillars of civic engagement amongst those most effected by local, state and national politics. Furthermore, infusing with public education provides youth-sports participants practical application on how to create wealth within their respective communities. With our youth focus on athletic advancement alongside technology and innovation career paths, FLYE provides a tangible and “right now” movement towards closing the wealth and wage disparity gaps that plague many of our communities. Public, private and charter schools and Parks & Recreation organization are able to leverage our youth sports and educational programs to increase academic engagement, reduce truancy and improve behavioral decision making. Finally, with your help we can utilize our programs to accelerate students-athletes into college preparedness and workforce readiness.

All that being said, are you ready to…COME FLYE WITH US?!

*Tax Deduction: Sponsorship to FLYE is tax deductable to the fullest extent of the law. Please consult with your tax advisor

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