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FLYE Through College

We Develop Educated Entrepreneurs

FLYE emphasizes the importance of understanding “how” to prepare and plan for college. We believe that continued education along with life skills and entrepreneurial development is what will benefit young people the most in today’s generation. We designed our college preparatory curriculum to execute on that emphasis. It is here that we focus on their specific interest to help them navigate the best path to continued education.

FLYE Through College

We change the narrative surrounding student-athletics through
connecting the dots between athletics and entrepreneurship.

Additional College Prep Programs

In addition to the main curriculum, students participate in:

  • FLYE Away: College tours (on-site acceptance and athletic workouts for aspiring student athletes offered)
  • FLYE Fit: Workshops designed to help students involved in athletics determine which schools and programs of study align to their passions and beliefs towards success.
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