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Financially FLYE

We Teach Financial Literacy

Financially FLYE utilizes what students learn on the field of competition and their perception of success in professional sports to teach them financial literacy. Athletics can prepare young people for life in countless ways. One of the most prominent skill sets developed is the ability to read and react. (Read & reaction describe by Cam Newton) This is where an athlete analyzes what is going on around them towards making the best possible decision. We use the same read and react principles of athletics to teach how to handle financial scenarios.

Also this program educates participants on student loans, basic borrowing concepts, different ways to save, safe investments with solid returns, and taxes.


Program Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Understand what finances and financial obligations exist at the professional level entail.
  • Create and balance a budget based on a specific income.
  • Articulate what financial investing means and how to chose a smart investment.
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