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We develop Programs that embed themselves within the culture and structure of athletic teams. Student-athletes see FLYE as just another part of playing sports.

The FLYE Entrepreneur

Whether through success or failure, entrepreneurship combines the instant feedback of athletics with the technical knowledge required by academics.

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FLYE Through College

We believe that continued education along with life skills and entrepreneurial development is what will benefit young people the most in today’s generation.

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Financially FLYE

Financially FLYE utilizes what students learn on the field of competition and their perception of success in professional sports to teach them financial literacy.

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We develop Workshops designed to help youth take what they learn through sports and apply the knowledge to academic, personal and professional development.

Match My FLYE

Domestic violence ranks near the top of the arrests and suspensions list in men’s professional and collegiate sports. Across the nation, one in four American women will be victims of domestic violence in their life (According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence). Match My FLYE ensures that male student-athletes have a better understanding of how to interact and handle difficult situations with the opposite sex. The objective of the program is to expose high school aged male student athletes to communication skillsets vital to their adolescent development. Specifically, shining light on the importance of gentlemanly behavior and interacting with young women.

The Athletepreneur

As athletes, youth already are what so many people aspire to be; great at something. Great enough to make the team, great enough to have your talent help you get through college and for some, great enough to get paid for their talents. The reality is, an athlete’s ability to be a successful in sport advantages them them ahead of the average person because people already associate their name with accomplishments or success. The challenge is how does an athlete turn that association into some sort of recurring value? FLYE’s answer is entrepreneurship. While there are numerous parallels in athletics and entrepreneurship, legacy may be the most prominent. The Athletepreneur Workshop creates awareness and educates student-athletes on the importance of legacy building. Through an exercise we call the “Mamba Effect”, participants analyse the athletic and now entrepreneurial career of Kobe Bryant and the intentionality he used towards legacy on a regular basis.

Servant Leadership

There are countless styles of leadership and each has its benefits and drawbacks. We focus on servant leadership as it is

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