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The FLYE Playbook™

In athletics, a playbook is a resource utilized by coaches and players to strategize and house the particular acts paramount to consistently win games. In life however, there is no playbook; so we created one. The FLYE Playbook™ is FLYE’s signature educational pedagogy. The playbook leverages experiences and key lessons derived from team sports to guide students in their personal, academic, and professional development. Lessons from the playbook are incorporated into workshops and programs designed to cultivate soft skills, such as leadership, decision making, and communication, within student athletes. FLYE believes that by combining how athletes learn a sport and including educational material we can subsequently increase both their academic and athletic engagement.

The Result

FLYE participants leave our program better athletes and scholars, better prepared for college and ignited to utilize an entrepreneurial mindset in everything they do. Their teachers, parents and coaches say that FLYE improved their child’s concept of teamwork and reduced their most pressing behavioral concerns.

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