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Become a FLYE Coach

FLYE Coaches are more than just incredible leaders. They are also diligently trained at our signature FLYE’t School academy in our proprietary methodology for increasing both academic and athletic engagement.

Part athlete, part business man, part servant leader. FLYE Coaches take their real life experiences on the path to success, combined them with our dynamic curriculum to create student impact on and off the field of competition.

Through the work of the FLYE Coach, student-athletic teams, athletic departments, community based and traveling sports leagues operate as small corporations for good; increasing funds for their programs and supporting student-athletes to be their best selves.

Based on over 4-years of outcomes, student-athletes touched by a FLYE Coach: matriculate to be better on field athletes, more diligent scholars, are better prepared for college and ignited to utilize an entrepreneurial mindset in everything they do.

FLYE Coaches are diligently trained via FLYE’t School:  an annual 10-day institute which trains an elite group of athletic coaches how to combine their expertise with our methodology to better prepare student-athletes for life, work and citizenship.

FLYE Coach Training Regiment

Training 1:
The FLYE Playbook

  • Facilitator: Cortni Grange
  • Overview: How to use an entrepreneurial mindset when running a sports team.

Training 2:
Human Centered Design

  • Facilitator: Alessandra Clara
  • Overview: Problem-solving to suit the needs of the people who receive the outcome

Training 3:
Creating Safe Spaces for Young People (Mental Health Awareness)

  • Facilitator: Patricia Lafontant
  • Overview: Creating safe spaces is paramount to connecting with you and teaching them new concepts.

Training 4:
Ecosystem building

  • Facilitator: Ryan Steinbach
  • Overview: FLYE Coaches effectively utilize their personal and professional networks to build financial and human support for their program. They also leverage their ecosystems for programmatic resources.
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