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State Of The Black Athlete

State Of The Black Athlete

There are a TON of sports related editorials out there and I follow a lot of them. My favorite by far is The Undefeated. They recently released an amazing piece entitled “What Is The State Of The Black Athlete?” What I love most about this post are the visuals each artist created to embody their thoughts. Check out the full post HERE but my favorite artist Brandon Breaux’s interpretation is below.

Peace & Love

Brandon Breaux

I wanted to capture black athletes in a contemplative state. These competitors have or have had the ability to reach so many people — it’s a great responsibility, but can also be a great burden.

Athletes, in general, already have to deal with so much: unwanted attention, pressure, rumors, performance anxiety, and even more. Black athletes, have all that on top of feeling as though they aren’t 100 percent accepted in their own country.

Today’s current state of affairs feel special. I think it’s a time where the life of a black athlete/person is so much bigger than the self, and the athletes in my illustration represent the contemplation that comes with it.

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