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Put your heart where your wallet is

Put your heart where your wallet is

Yesterday, November 10th Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garçon and defensive end Ricky Jean Francois flew down to Haiti to deliver supplies and aid from the Redskins training staff.

Original Article on the teams website

After reading this article it reminded me just how much influence and impact athletes can make if they just say YES instead of “not my concern”. It reminds me of the stories my father used to tell me about Jim Brown and the Black Economic Union. A movement Brown started which used professional athletes as facilitators in the establishment of black-run enterprises, urban athletic clubs, and youth motivation programs. My father use to tell me that Jim Brown was Malcolm X in pads and because of that, he was one of the only players he would watch play growing up (Pops played football but never really watched it much surprisingly).

While I am not the biggest fan of Dan Snyder for other reasons, I have to tip my cap to him for moving along with this so quickly via the ask of Pierre and Ricky. Pierre is no stranger to give back work, raising well over $400,000 over the past four years through his All White charity event to support the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington. His compatriot in the help Haiti endeavor Ricky Jean Francois has also been known to give back, helping young fans beat the heat with snow cones during summer practices. Both gentlemen show incredible grit and passion through their continued efforts to leverage their celebrity to make a difference and I for one hope to see many more professional players follow their lead.

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